Innovation On-Board

  • On-Board Solutions

    Novità Technologies is your on-board solution for high performance electronic products. Novità brings innovation on-board by integrating the latest technologies with customized board-level design stratetgies. For the customer, this creates optimized product solutions that meet and exceed automotive and industry performance requirements.

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  • Novità brings innovation to every project by designing for the finished product. Novità’s engineers design system solutions that consider the fit, function and assembly method as part of the complete solution. Board-level features for heat management, light output, EMI and EMC are optimized for the board topography and board materials including hard board and flexible circuits.

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  • Novità innovations created fully integrated lighting controls on-board. As a launch leader for new technologies Novità brings improved performance for lighting and costs.

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  • Integrating additional features such as switches, connectors, sockets, and on-board optics are given a priority to create a compact and low-cost solution for the finished product.

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  • Innovation By Application

    Novitàs innovation and experience extends across all automotive applications

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Technology On-Board

  • Proven Design Innovation

    Novità designs technology on-board by first selecting the best board solution. Many options exist for board types from single-sided, double-sided, multi-layered and flexible circuits. Design engineers use their broad engineering experience to select the latest technology components to meet the performance goals.

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  • Engineers dedicated to manufacturability and assembly of boards create compact and robust board layouts. Throughout development Novità engineers work with Tier 1 suppliers and OE manufacturers to optimize and refine product performance. Each engineer works with the latest electronic design software and modeling tools to ensure that designs perform and are compatible with customer fit and function specifications.

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  • Prototyping

    Rapid prototyping takes the process from design schematic through sample development. All prototypes are fabricated on production equipment in-house to shorten development time and ensure quality. The end result is a design that meets project requirements creatively while providing optimum manufacturability and assembly.

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  • Engineering Capabilities

    • SolidWorks Mechanical design platform
    • Altium Electrical design platform
    • OptisWorks Optical design and simulation platform
    • Software / Test, multiple language support from assembly to C++
    • LED Design optimization tools
    • Development laboratory services
    • Validation and reliability testing services
    • Patent pending flexible LED array designs for shaping lights
    • Microprocessor design platforms
    • Power supply and light driver circuit platforms
    • Optical interface design capability
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  • Advanced Research & Development

    Efforts are focused on continually investigating and transforming rapidly evolving technology into more robust and affordable automotive applications. New design configurations and components are being developed to improve power management, heat management , driver circuitry and optical performance. These innovations can be applied to applications throughout the vehicle to achieve best in- class performance.

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Quality On-Board

  • Innovation for Life & Life of Product Support

    Novità Technologies is committed for the life-of-the-product by continuing the innovation through all stages of product development, production and VA/VE initiatives. Novità works closely with suppliers to bring new components and design strategies to production. Many product improvements include component part count reductions that reduce cost and improve heat management and board topography.

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  • Manufacturing Capabilities

    All OE products are built on fully automated SMT production lines with built-in inspection routines and vision systems. Component sourcing and logistics are managed in-house where relationships with proven suppliers give Novità greater control over the supply chain cost and timing.

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Solutions On-Board

  • As a launch leader in new design strategies and technologies, Novita creates on-board solutions using the best chip set configurations to optimize lighting performance and heat management.

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  • On-board solutions include reduced part counts, assembly steps and costs and improved reliability.  

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About Novita

Founded in 2007 as a management buyout company, Novita is backed by more than 25 years of designing and manufacturing electronic controls for automotive, heavy duty and construction lighting applications. As LED lighting has grown in automotive applications, Novita applies its expertise to provide fully integrated controls with on-board lighting solutions for interior and exterior lighting applications.

Novita, an OSRAM Business

175 Old Shackle Island Road
Hendersonville, TN 37075
(615) 826-0372

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