Future Innovations

Novita is dedicated to listening to our customers and offering innovative products that meet and exceed their needs. If you have a need for any of the these "future innovations" please contact us and let us know. These products may not be available yet but we will do everything we can to support our customers needs.

Magnetic Mount Load Resistors

Install load resistors in parallel with LED replacement lamps to eliminate the "fast flash" or "bulb out warning." Strong, high temperature, magnetic mounts allow this product to install in seconds in almost any location! No more drilling. No more tapping. Simple innovation.

  • 12 Volt applications
  • 50 Watt
  • 6 Ohm
  • 16 AWG high temperature wire
  • High temperature Neodymium magnets
  • Optional screw holes

LED Compatible Round Base Turn Signal Flasher

Round base, or electromechanical, turn signal flashers require incandescent bulbs for proper operation. This innovative design features cutting edge technology that is polarity insensitive and offers the flexibility of using incandescent lamps or popular LED upgrades for your older model.

  • 12 Volt applications
  • LED compatible
  • 2 Terminals (X, L)
  • Capable of up to 6 lamps per side

No Load Alternating Flasher

Alternating flashers typically source their ground signal through the lamp load and generally require incandescent bulbs or LEDs with load resistors for proper operation. Our "no load" alternating flasher features an isolated ground terminal and works flawlessly with extremely low power LEDs.

Low Profile 16 Lamp Turn Signal Flasher (LED Compatible)

This low profile, heavy duty flasher is capable of lamp loads from just a few LEDs all the way up to 16 incandescent lamps!

  • 12 Volt applications
  • LED compatible
  • 3 Terminals (B, E, L)
  • Standard I.S.O. configuration
  • Capable up to 16 incandescent lamps

Headlight Brightening Sockets / Pigtails

Everyone knows that headlights get dim over time but did you know that headlight sockets contribute to headlight brightness as well? As copper wire degrades and connections get loose, headlight sockets decrease overall headlight brightness by increasing resistance and heat!

  • Increases headlight brightness
  • 14 AWG heavy duty wiring
  • High temperature plastics
  • Includes adhesive lined heat shrink and bare butt connectors to ensure a professional installation


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